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Summer Camps/Clinics in Columbia, MD

Discover the magic of music and make something epic of your summer!

Summer Camps/Clinics

Kids have many different ways to spend their summer. It’s important to keep them engaged and sharp before heading back to school.

At Soundcheck Rock Academy we help kids discover a passion while still giving them the opportunity to socialize with friends.

Soundcheck Rock Academy in Columbia, Maryland gives each musician in our summer program the opportunity to go beyond the boring summer camp and take a journey of music with our talented team of instructors for Voice, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums or DJ.

Summer day camp at Soundcheck Rock Academy runs (5) 1 week sessions for kids ages 7 to 15.

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More about our Summer Camps/Clinics in Columbia, MD

Why is summer camp important, and what are the benefits of summer camp for your kids?

We’ll tell you! Here are 10 reasons why music summer camp is important for kids:

1. Develops Lifelong Skills
2. Promotes Independence
3. Makes Time for Play
4. Teaches Teamwork
5. Teaches Resiliency

6. Fosters Growth
7. Builds Self-Esteem
8. Nurtures Friendships
9. Keeps Kids Intellectually Engaged
10. Gives Children a Sense of Purpose

Although each camp offers a special variety of activities, all camps offer the opportunity to make friends, learn new skills and grow as a person.

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