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Discover the magic of music and make something epic of your summer!

Summer Music Camps in Columbia, MD

Have your kids ever wanted to join a band? Do they want to be a social media influencer?

Do they want to play an instrument? Do they want to be a sports broadcaster? A on-air personality?

Do you want to see your kids perform in a REAL concert? Do they want to be a singer songwriter? Play the ukulele, guitar, or keyboards?

Are you tired of the same old summer camps? The same old boring camps?

Our summer camp help kids discover a passion for playing musical instruments and artistic interests while simultaneously giving them the opportunity to socialize with friends.


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Soundcheck Social Media Influencer Camp June28th-July2nd 2021
Soundcheck Attack of the 80’s Music Camp  July 12th-16th  
Soundcheck News/Sports Broadcasting Camp 26th-30th 2021
Soundcheck Singer Songwriter Workshop Camp August 9th-13th 2021
Soundcheck Eternal Legends of Rock Camp August 16th-20th 2021



Soundcheck Rock Academy, we know that kids have many different options when it comes to summer camps in Columbia and Howard County.

We have tried our best to come up with the most creative and cool summer camps to choose from. Wether your child wants to become  Social Media famous! Become the next news/sportscaster.

Attend one of our classic summer camp program. Or follow their dream to becoming the next singer/songwriter. We have it all and we have been providing and creating the best interactive performance based summer camps for over ten years.

It’s important to keep them engaged and sharp before heading back to school. Playing a musical instrument, learning how to create a compelling news cast, or social media star!  Each young person/musician in our Howard County, MD summer performance programs are given the opportunity to go beyond the boring summer camp and take a journey of music with our talented team of instructors.

We have musical instruments that students can use if the don’t currently owe an instrument or want to try a different instrument before making a choice. During the weeklong camps, the daily schedule includes:

Fridays feature a special pizza party and – the best part- students perform in the afternoon for their family and friends!

It really can’t get cooler than this.

With five creative weeks of summer camps we hope you can join us for at least one, maybe even two or three. We offer multi-week student discounts along with multi family member discounts also.

Why is summer camp important, and what are the benefits of summer camp for your kids?

We’ll tell you! Here are 10 reasons why music summer camp is important for kids:

1. Develops Lifelong Skills
2. Promotes Independence
3. Makes Time for Play
4. Teaches Teamwork
5. Teaches Resiliency

6. Fosters Growth
7. Builds Self-Esteem
8. Nurtures Friendships
9. Keeps Kids Intellectually Engaged
10. Gives Children a Sense of Purpose

Although each camp offers a special variety of activities, all camps offer the opportunity to make friends, learn new skills and grow as a person.

Call/email us and register today! Spots are limited.