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Shows and Events

Performance Based Learning

Rock Academy is the premier performance based music school in Howard County, Maryland. Many other music schools and fans around the world agree ā€“ our approach is like no other and the production level with our students is unparalleled.

Our student bands perform at venues throughout Howard County and Baltimore, including concerts at the FishHead Cantina, The Soundry, and more.

In addition to the band experience and music lessons, students also learn how to properly use and set up the same equipment the professionals use.

Soundcheck Rock Academy is more than just performances. Our big shows that create the most lasting memories also have students learning how to work together while building great confidence with each other on stage. Overcoming fear through teamwork and experience while learning how to put on a great show is one of the most powerful lessons our students learn.

Our performance school in Columbia and Ellicott City includes music lessons for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, percussion, piano, keyboards, saxophone, clarinet, flute, cello, violin or any other instrument you love.

If youā€™d like more information on our Performance based Music School and live in Howard and Baltimore County, contact Soundcheck Rock Academy today!


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