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Masterclass Workshops

Soundcheck Rock Academy has introduced a very special limited time group of unique classes that will give all students a better understanding how the music industry and specific techniques and music theory work in small limited sized groups. These workshops will be small sized bunches of information.. All lessons will be online and the small groups will help the pace of the individual workshops. These workshops may change as we see the needs change. These workshops are available to our students and students nationwide.

Please click on a workshop you are interested in taking.

Vocal Technique:     Tuesday May 12th 4:30-5:30pm

Recording Guitar: Thursday May 14th 4-5pm

Building Guitar Chords:  Thursday May 14th  6-7pm

Virtual Performance:   Thursday May 14th 7-8pm

Developing your Drum Fills:  Monday May 11th 6-7pm

Guitar Vibrato and Bending:  Wednesday May 12th 4-5pm

Bass Technique:   Monday May 11th 5-6pm

Theater Performance: Wednesday May 13th 5:30-6:30