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Bass Technique Master Workshop! A professional musician will lead the way!

Bass Technique Workshops! Learn from a professional musician!

Bass Technique—the ability to play the bass powerfully and authentically with the style and poise of some of the classic and contemporary bass players. Learn styles and techniques of such classic players as Bootsy Collins (James Brown), Bob Cranshaw (Lee Morgan), Chuck Rainey (Rickie Lee Jones), Flea (RHCP), Les Claypool (Primus).


At Soundcheck Rock Academy in Columbia MD we are here to get your chops and creativity up from the beginner bass player. We will learn who the players and and how the thought of their concepts and techniques.

We are here to make you play great and to learn you instrument extremely well. Whether you play the guitar, piano, vocalist, drummer or bass player. After you have acquired the basic skills to play your instrument. It is time to take it to the next level. Your stage presence to The stage!


At the completion of this workshop you will be able to demonstrate:

Several different classic and contemporary bass players.


Learn from our talented musicians and enroll now!

Bass Technique:  Monday May 11th 5-6