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Drum Workshops

More than ever before, today’s drummer is called upon to be a versatile, creative force. Our drum workshops are designed to strengthen your overall knowledge by exposing you to different types of percussive instruments. Learn the cajon, congas, bongos, shakers. These will all make you a well rounded percussionist.  We also have several workshops the strengthen your ability to play on your kit. Whether it is working on your fills, transitions, or strengthen your double drum ability. We at Soundcheck Rock Academy are here in Columbia MD can help.   You will learn to play with an authentic sound and feel, and connect different time feels smoothly, mastering the basics of coordination, soloing, dynamics, tone production, control, and vocabulary.

By the end of each workshop, you will be able to:

Upcoming Drum workshops!

Developing your Fills: Monday May 11th 6-7