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Guitar Workshops

Guitar Technique Workshops:

Pitch. Rhythm. Scales. Intervals. Chords. Harmony.  Soundcheck Rock Academy instructors are incredible instructors at teaching the fundamental concepts you need to understand. We can help you through this process. Music Theory will set you on your way. These small group classes monthly classes are supported by class discussions, interactive tools, and personalized feedback that will help you put these theories into practice. Join our community of beginning learners for an engaging, hands-on music theory course where you’ll read, write, and truly hear the elements of music like never before. Enroll today!

By the end of this beginner music theory course, you should :

  • Read and write musical notation
  • Play notes on a piano or guitar
  • Use scales, intervals, and chords
  • Write a melody

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Building Guitar Chords: THURSDAY May 14 6-7pm

Guitar Vibrato and Bending: WEDNESDAY  May 13th 4-5pm