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Songwriting from a Professional Musician!

Songwriting Workshop

Songwriting Workshops:

Sharpen your lyric writing skills and discover the techniques that have helped Soundcheck Rock Academy students  write their own songs. Soundcheck Rock Academy will help generate better ideas, find the right words to express those ideas, and organize rhythms and rhymes into compelling verses, choruses and bridges. Create lyrics by mastering the elements of structure and the process of building great lyrical ideas into great songs. With you and your instructor this course will help you brainstorm ideas more freely and structure your lyrics more effectively.


Upon completing this course, you will have learned to:

  • Generate more ideas and better ideas for your lyrics
  • Find more interesting words to express your ideas
  • Create rhythms with your words
  • Find better and more interesting rhymes
  • Create effective contrast between sections
  • Use the structures of your sections to enhance the emotional intent of your lyric

Intermediate Songwriting:

You have the perfect melody, basically the perfect song. Now you need to write the lyrics to the music in your head or sheet of paper. Placing that perfect lyrical idea into a melody without it sounding unnatural is a common obstacle to many songwriters. An unfortunate setting of a word or phrase can sink the emotion of the song. This is a “can’t miss” course – it will to take your writing to the next level.

It will also make you a more valuable co-writer.

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Identify stressed, non-stressed and secondary syllables in a lyric line
  • Write your own lyric patterns to match musical patterns
  • Identify rhyme and hook positions within a song
  • Create the melody, verse and chorus lyrics
  • Work with bridges and pre-choruses
  • Gain independence and confidence in the writing process

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Vocal Technique: Tuesday MAY 12th 4:30-5:30pm