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Performance Workshops

Stage presence and performance—the ability to connect powerfully and authentically with an audience—is something we often associate with performers. Great actors, musicians, and public speakers all seem to have it. But this same capacity is something we all need and use in many areas of life, both professional and personal.


At Soundcheck Rock Academy we are here to get your stage presence from the beginning confidence to the big show! We have two courses that help with performance. Helping you get comfortable auditioning and stage presence.

We are here to make you play great and to learn you instrument extremely well. Whether you play the guitar, piano, vocalist, drummer or bass player. After you have acquired the basic skills to play your instrument. It is time to take it to the next level. Your stage presence to The stage!


We have two workshop courses to choose from.


Beginner Stage Presence:

When performing in a music concert being the person that captures everyones attention onstage is what we are going to pull out of you. These will help any musician bring out the authentic “you.” Let’s do this. You will go from battling stage fright to the real and honest you onstage. Through skills and activities that bring you out of your shell you will hit the stage a new person with new skill to dominate.


Auditioning Skills and Etiquette:

Auditions Tips and tricks on auditioning in general – with or without an instrument, musical (vocals/instrumental) or spoken/acting sections, what todo and NOT to do in order to leave a great impression and stand out from the crowd. At Soundcheck Rock Academy our instructors have been where you want to be. Up on stage, giving it their all and sounding great and leaving an impression.


Learn from our talented musicians and enroll now!

Virtual Performance Workshop: Thursday May 14th 7-8pm

Theater Performance Workshop: Wednesday May 13th 5:30-6:30pm