Soundcheck Rock Academy in Columbia, MD is a performance-based music school serving Howard County and the surrounding areas. We strive to be the preeminent force in producing the area’s best young musicians, by employing professional, working rock musicians to engage students in music theory and practice while nurturing and leading them as they form bands and work toward regular performances in front of live audiences.

Music at Soundcheck Rock Academy is a team effort. We provide a range of opportunities for students to engage with peers and experts alike, practicing, jamming, songwriting and performing, often with the benefit of a live audience. Our programs foster teamwork, social skills, and relationships, giving kids not just a foundation in music, but a sense of purpose and a community where they belong.

And forget the recital. The hallmark of our rock school in Columbia is the live concert performance, a standing-room-only event hosted at a real, local music venue. Our concerts are must-see events, with area residents saving the date to come see these kids bring down the house. With 18 high quality bands with ages ranging from 6 to 18 the Soundcheck Rock Academy can fulfill your musical needs. We are here to show how the future of rock can teach young people that when they put their mind to work the can achieve great things. And these kids are great. If given the chance we will rock you.


Currently accepting new students for in studio and virtual lessons and bands!

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