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DJ Lessons in Columbia, MD

Learn how to produce music professionally!

DJ Lessons

Our Music Production and DJ Lessons in Columbia, MD take you from absolute beginner to a professional DJ and Music Production specialist. Start with the basics of signal flow and beat matching and move your way through to advanced DJ techniques and ultimately, music production programs such as Ableton.

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What do Students learn in DJ Lessons?

  • Signal Flow
  • Where to get music
  • How to set up play lists
  • How to beat match
  • How to set cue points
  • How to “drop” a song
  • Advanced mixing techniques
  • Use of effects
  • Mixing Software
  • Ableton and other production software

What gear do I need to buy?

Dj’ing has become much more affordable over the last few years. A basic self contained DJ controller, a computer to plug it in to and some headphones is really all you need to get started. We can help direct you with your DJ equipment purchase.

Who can take DJ Lessons?

Anyone can learn to DJ and it is a great skill to have! We recommend students be at least 10 years old to start DJ lessons. No previous experience is needed.

Prices for DJ Lessons

60 Minute Lesson Package $259/00 per month ( One, 60 – minute class per week)