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Play Drums Like Taylor Hawkins, Neil Pert, or Chad Smith

Drum Lessons in Columbia, MD

The  “Opening Act” Experience

Learn how to play the drums and percussion like Taylor Hawkins, Neil Pert, or Chad Smith.  Soundcheck Rock Academy teaches drum lessons in Columbia, Ellicott City, and Howard County MD, and we are happy to work with students of all ages and abilities! Choose from 30, 45, or 60 minute lesson slots.

Once you have a bit of experience, join our beginner band program: Beatlesque Beginner Band Experience.  Or if you’re a bit further along, try the Headliners Experience.  Both option will have you playing real rock songs with peers in no time, and you’ll be able to rehears and perform with your band.

Your enrollment also entitles you to free use of the studio’s facilities during business hours, and you’ll also have prioritized and discounted access to studio events like workshops and live performances.

Sign up for an in-person, online, or a hybrid lesson experience today.

Our Philosophy and Drum Lessons in Columbia MD

We want you to be a complete, confident musician, and that’s why we combine private lessons with a studio-wide band participation program. You will have the opportunity to rehearse and perform with other musicians often, and we’ve found that our students grow as musicians and people very quickly.

We want you to have fun, develop a deeper appreciation of music, and explore your own creativity on the drums. Please get in touch for more information.

Professional Drum and Percussion Music Instructors

At Soundcheck Rock Academy, you’ll be able to study one-on-one with actual professional drummers. Our teachers have earned degrees from prestigious institutions, traveled the world with bands, and recorded music in live studio settings. There’s no musical scenario our staff isn’t familiar with, and we teach from a place of experience.

An additional benefit of working with high level teachers is that you will learn simply by observing them play the drums. Each drill, groove, and technique will be demonstrated by a professional, and you will internalize the art of drumming far more quickly than you would otherwise.

Drum Lessons in Columbia For Kids and Adults

Do you want to start your child on a drum set? Our teachers have years of experience helping children and teens either start from the beginning or build on their existing skill set. Your child will learn how to count, hold a steady rhythm, and read notes, and we always build a strong foundation of musical knowledge.

They will also learn drum techniques, like striking the drum, playing rudiments fluently, and using the pedal, very quickly. All along the way, they will practice these techniques with actual songs and backing tracks.

We make pre-college drum lessons fun and engaging, and we guarantee that your child won’t want to quit.

Drum Lessons For Adults

Have you always wanted to play the drums and join a band? Now is the time to get started. It’s never too late to learn, and we’ve worked with young professionals, busy parents, and retired individuals alike. We can teach you paradiddles, fills, advanced grooves, and everything in between, and you don’t need any prior experience to play the drums at a high level.

More Than Lessons – Play in a Band

Our students often form lifelong friendships at Soundcheck Rock Academy, and that’s because we always place students in skill and age-appropriate bands with peers. You will be able to rehearse each week with your group, and you’ll be practicing real rock songs with a complimentary ensemble from the beginning. Instructors will help you perfect your tunes in rehearsals, and you will be playing in our internal and public exhibitions before you know it.

Learn To Play Drums in a Number of Styles

Whether you’re a Rush fan or a Nirvana follower, we can help you play the drums along with your favorite songs. Our students play metal, grunge, jazz fusion, country, and more, and we can give you insights for playing appropriate beats and fills depending on the genre you wish to play.