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Guitar Lessons in Columbia MD

 “Opening Act” Experience

Guitar, Bass, Ukulele Music Lessons in Columbia MD

Learn how to play the guitar or bass like Eddie Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Flea, or Les Claypool.  Soundcheck Rock Academy provides guitar, bass, and ukulele lessons in Columbia, Ellicott City, and Howard County MD. Our students learn technique, theory and all around musicianship in an inspiring musical atmosphere. Soundcheck Rock Academy works with beginners and advanced guitarists, and you can take 30, 45, or 60 minute weekly lessons. Start taking your guitar and bass lessons in Columbia today!

One you’ve gotten settled into lessons, you can join the Beatlesque Beginner Band Experience or our Headliners Experience – both are great and will get you playing with friends in rehearsals at our studio in Columbia MD.

Your monthly tuition includes a weekly lesson, access to the studio during business hours, an invitation to all Academy Performances, open mic opportunities, and one-off external shows. You’ll also receive discounts to products and services.

 Our Philosophy for Guitar Lessons in Columbia MD

We want our students to have fun, exercise creativity, and find inspiration in music. To that end, we always encourage our students to explore the music they love.

We foster a friendly environment where peers rehearse and perform together, and we are proud of the fact that Soundcheck Rock Academy is a community of people pursuing music together, not simply a private lesson studio.

Professional Guitar Instructors

Do you want to take lessons with professional guitarists who have performed on several continents and countless audiences? That’s what you’ll find here – our staff has certainly received music degrees, but perhaps more importantly, they have experienced life as professional musicians.

Our teachers have played classical, folk, jazz, and rock guitar, and regardless of your particular challenge, they can demonstrate how to get better. You will improve by simply watching your teacher play the guitar, and that’s far superior to following a method book at home.

What Will You Learn in Guitar Lessons in Columbia, MD?

If you are new to the guitar, we’ll hit the basics on day one. You will learn how to produce a sound on your instruments, where your hands go while you play, and what the notes are on your open strings. We’ll also get started with some simple three-note chords; you’ll be accompanying tunes faster than you thought possible. Your lessons will involve much more than reading tabs and learning chords by rote.

As you improve, you’ll be able to play a melody accompanied by broken chords, and you will learn concepts like “power chords” and how to play in different keys with a capo. Of course, we’ll be teaching your keys and time signatures along the way as well.

Our advanced rock guitarists take their skills to the next level with genre-specific techniques like finger tapping, hammer ons and pull-offs, sweep picking arpeggios, and rapid legato passages. You’ll be impressing your band mates with advanced licks before you know it.

Learn Guitar Alongside Peers

Our guitar students (both pre-college and adults) enjoy the opportunity to rehearse with bandmates who play at a similar level. Music is communal by nature, and we want you to make friends and build connections in our studio.

You will rehearse with a band each week, and you’ll be able to participate in live shows as a group. This makes you a better musician, teaches you collaborative musicianship, and keeps the real meaning behind learning music alive.

Guitar Lessons in Columbia, MD For All Styles and Ages

Do you want to simply learn how to play chords on an acoustic guitar? Or perhaps you want to become a singer-songwriter, and you need to be able to accompany yourself. Whether you want to play heavy metal music or jazz, we can teach the fundamentals of how to  play acoustic or electric guitar.

We also enjoy working with a wide variety of ages. We help kids get started, prepare teens for auditions or a life as a professional musician, and work with adults to help them reach their goals on the guitar. Our lessons are age-appropriate, and you will never feel like lessons are over your child’s head. Furthermore, we realize that adults often take a more cerebral approach to learning music, and we adjust our teaching style accordingly. If you would like to learn more about guitar and bass lessons in Columbia, or if you would like to double with Columbia, MD piano lessons, please get in touch.