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Piano Lessons in Columbia MD

 “Opening Act” Experience

Piano and Keyboard Lessons in Columbia MD

Learn how to play the piano and keyboard like Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, or Beethoven.   Soundcheck Rock Academy offers Piano Lessons in Columbia MD, Ellicott City, and Howard County  for students of all abilities and ages.  The OPENING ACT LESSON EXPERIENCE is where students learn technique, theory and all around musicianship in an inspiring musical atmosphere. At Soundcheck Rock Academy we teach all students from beginners to advanced level. Lessons Consist of 30, 45 and 60 minute and occur once a week. Start taking your piano and keyboard lessons at Soundcheck Rock Academy in Columbia today! After a short period of time and a bit of experience you may want to give our band options a try we have several to choose from.  We have our beginner band option Beatlesque Beginner Band Experience or our Headliners Experience! Both are great and will get you playing with friends in rehearsals at our studio in Columbia MD.

Included in the Soundcheck Rock Academy monthly tuition is a weekly lesson, and access to our music studio during normal business hours. Access to all of our Academy Performances, open mic nights, and one-off shows throughout the year. Discounts to all musical accessories.  Discounts to our music workshops, guest speakers, and one-off music lessons held throughout the year.

We are here for you and your child’s musical journey and we strive to be a safe and friendly place where you and your child can meet families that share in your vision.  


We are currently open for in-studio lessons or you can enjoy our one-on-one live virtual lessons. 

We can also accommodate a hybrid model of both in-studio and virtual one-on-one lessons.

You choose. It is fully up to you and the safety of your family.

Our Philosophy and Piano Lessons in Columbia MD

We create a holistic music culture based on experience at Soundcheck Rock Academy. Our students enjoy fun, engaging lessons, relationships with their peers, and the ability to create their own music and explore new genres with bandmates. We want you to love music and enjoy making it with other musicians!

Professional Piano and Keyboard Music Instructors

Our professional team of educators includes pro songwriters, session musicians, band members, and more. Many of our teachers have prestigious music degrees from conservatories and universities, but especially value the real-world experience they bring to the table.

You will learn the piano by example, not just a method book. We demonstrate techniques each lesson, and your instructor will send you home inspired to practice and armed with materials that will help you grow at the piano.

What Genres Can You Learn in Our Piano Lessons?

The foundation of the Soundcheck program is rock, so if you would like to pursue this track, our piano teachers in Columbia, MD will give you everything you need to play in a band. We can teach you chords, the art of reading lead sheets, how to write a solo for yourself, and more. We will also use your favorite rock songs in your lessons, so you’ll go home after lessons with an actual rock song to play on your piano or keyboard.


That said, we love helping our students learn other genres as well. You will learn to read notes, identify key signatures, and more, so you won’t be deficient when it comes to playing Chopin, Bach, Rachmaninoff, or the music of other classical composers.


You can also work with your teacher to specialize in other contemporary music genres. Many of our students pursue blues, jazz, pop, and other genres, and that skillset is a direct result of the time spent with a talented teacher at Soundcheck Rock Academy.

Do You Need To Own a Piano and Practice?

While your weekly piano lessons are incredibly valuable, you can only improve on your instrument if you practice at home regularly (your teacher will give you material to practice). Even 15-25 minutes per day will put you far ahead of peers who only practice twice per week.


We don’t require that you have any particular kind of piano or keyboard at home though. Anything with 61 or 88 keys would be sufficient, although if you want to play classical music, you will probably need 88 keys. You can improve at home with a digital or acoustic piano, and you certainly don’t need to have a grand piano to make progress.


One tip – if you can purchase a keyboard with weighted keys, your practice will transfer better to lessons and live performances. You will also want to get a keyboard with a realistic pedal, if possible.

Piano Lessons in Columbia For All Ages

The intergenerational culture at Soundcheck Rock Academy welcomes kids, teens and adults. We’ve helped young kids, young professionals and retired individuals alike.


Children enjoy age-appropriate music classes and instruction. Your child won’t get bored in lessons, and we try to lead them through discovery learning. They will be encouraged to create music and explore tunes that they love. We also use plenty of drills and exercises “away from the piano bench” so they won’t get bored.


Teens often love the social aspect of learning music – we place each student in a skill-appropriate band, and they will rehearse and perform shows together. It’s a wonderful way to boost self-confidence and create the foundation for a lifetime of music making!


We also love working with adults from all walks of life. Everyone is an equal at our music school, and whether you’ve never played the piano before, have years of classical piano experience, or simply want to join a band with other adults, you will love piano lessons.


Regardless of the student’s age, we focus on helping musicians:


  1. Find inspiration in music they love

  2. Learn solid technique

  3. Learn music fundamentals, like theory, note reading and more


You will leave each lesson with new music to play for your family and friends. We can’t wait to work with you!