String Lessons - Soundcheck Rock Academy
From Joshua Bell to Sarah Chang to Lindsey Stirling. We can help!

String Lessons

From Joshua Bell to Sarah Chang to Lindsey Stirling. We can help you achieve your expectations and develop your talent in a unique learning environment! We make it fun!

Playing the violin, cello, viola and upright bass are some of the most fun instruments to play! Whether you are just beginning or an advanced student. Whether you are 6 or 60. We are here to get you to where you want to be. We can have you following your unique and individual path in no time at all. Under the guidance of Soundcheck Rock Academy faculty.

The faculty who teach at Soundcheck Rock Academy are active participants in the evolution of the future of music. At Soundcheck Rock Academy you will find an instructor and a mentor, who will not only help you develop and advance your technique on your instrument, but make it exciting. Through custom tailored learning plans, your path will be your own individual path.

Soundcheck Rock Academy is a unique place, one where you will receive training from instructors that have lived in the world of music, professional musicians that want you to experience what they have. These instructors will also help you find your place in the landscape of contemporary music.

Study with members of local and national bands, singer songwriters, orchestras. Our instructors have toured the world and want to get you playing. With our studio as your classroom, you will play at local national touring venues. Collaborate in cutting-edge performances as a part of our many bands and ensembles. These are all done in our top of the line studios. While studying alongside our faculty, learn to engage with the world through music. In our program, combine fun interactive training with real life playing with your band in our top of the line studio. Our full sound system will have you sounding great.