Voice Lessons in Columbia MD - Soundcheck Rock Academy
Learn how to sing like Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, or Haley Williams.

Voice Lessons in Columbia, MD For All Ages and Abilities

The “OPENING ACT” Experience

Learn how to sing like Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, or Haley Williams. Soundcheck Rock Academy offers singing lessons in Columbia, MD to precollege and adult students, and you can choose from 30, 45, and 60 minute sessions every week.

Once you are settled into private lessons, we can add you to our beginner band option, Beatlesque Beginner Band Experience or our Headliners Experience! Both options will significantly improve you as a musician (and be a lot of fun in the process).

We have students from all over Columbia, Ellicott City, and Howard County, and we would love to have you join us for voice lessons at our music school.


Soundcheck Rock Academy develops singers in a fun, creative, and inclusive environment. Your own curiosity will inform your instructors, and you’ll be inspired by opportunities to perform and rehearse with your peers. We want you to love singing and music in general, and we’ll work with you to reach your goals.


Our teachers aren’t just everyday music instructors. They have earned degrees from universities across the country, performed commercially and for large audiences, and traveled the world with bands and ensembles.

Our real life experiences as performing musicians helps us teach you how to succeed in a variety of settings. Whether you are preparing for auditions, recording a demo tape, or simply want to sing in a band for fun, you’ll learn by your teacher’s example, not just their words.

Voice Lessons in Columbia For Adults and Kids

Pre-college and adult vocalists are welcome at Soundcheck Rock Academy, and we love the diversity of our student base. Our young students learn the fundamentals of music, how to create breath support, and how to produce a beautiful sound with volume safely. Your child will learn how to read music as well, and we always set them up with fundamentals that will continue to support them even if they switch instruments or musical focus in the future.

We also love working with adult singers at our music school. Beginners and experienced singers alike work with our teachers and join our bands, and even if you think you are “tone deaf” or have a bad voice, we would love to prove otherwise! You are welcome to share your specific goals or interests with us, and we’ll work with you to help you improve.

What Singing Techniques Can You Learn?

Our vocal instructors have performed in theater productions, rock bands, alongside jazz combos, and more, and we can help you learn the intricacies of any genre.

Do you want to learn how to belt or expand your chest voice? We can present drills (and opportunities to exercise those drills in songs) that will improve your technique safely and without risk of vocal nodes.

Do you want to be able to introduce breathiness or grittiness into your tone, depending on the genre? Our instructors have experience there too, and we can help you create the texture of our choice.

From arpeggios and scalar embellishments to simply developing a unique and powerful sound, we would be happy to help you find yourself as a singer.

Start Performing With a Band Today

Our program places singers with band mates of similar skill level and age, and you will be able to rehearse with your group each week (in addition to weekly private lessons). Sing real rock songs with a real band, and learn how to perform with other musicians!

Playing with others will always make you a more confident musician, and you’ll be able to work on your stage presence and music interpretation skills as well. When you are ready, you’ll be able to perform with your band in front of family and friends.