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In addition to our unique and popular band program, we offer private piano lessons for kids, teens, and adults at our studio on the border of Ellicott City and Columbia, MD. You’ll work with a pro-level musician with years of teaching experience, and we will tailor your piano lessons to your specific goals. We give kids a strong, well-rounded foundation in music, and we work with adults to help them accomplish exactly what they want to accomplish. You can learn to sight read, improvise, write music, and more.

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Private Piano Lessons in Ellicott City For All Ages

Piano Lessons For Kids and Teens

We love working with children, middle schoolers, and high schoolers at Soundcheck Rock Academy. With young children, we place the emphasis on helping them find a love of music – we’ll explore rhythm, keyboard topography, and use tunes in lessons that your child will love. We’ll also teach them musical basics like note reading, five finger patterns, and time signatures, and we will send them home with detailed practice instructions each week.

We also enjoy working with middle schoolers and high schoolers. Some students in this category already love music, and they are learning to “double” on piano after playing the guitar, violin, or another instrument. Some simly waited until middle schooler or later to start taking lessons, and that’s absolutely fine – they can catch up to their peers faster than you would think.

Piano Lessons For AdultsĀ 

We help young professionals and retired folks alike learn to play the piano. You don’t need experience to enroll in piano lessons, but we also help experienced amateurs take their abilities to the next level.

Many of our adult students bring specific goals to Soundcheck Rock Academy. Some want to play a Beethoven Sonta for the first time, and some want to learn how to sight read music on their own. Others want to learn the ins and outs of rock keyboard playing so they can join a band, and still others are particularly interested in songwriting. Your teacher would love to help you achieve your goals, and we always encourage open communication.

Apply Your Skills in Our Collaborative Band Experience

Soundcheck Rock Academy offers professional, traditional 1-on-1 lessons, but we’re also well known for our popular rock band program. We group students (pre-college and adult) in skill level appropriate bands, and you will have the opportunity to practice, rehearse, and perform keyboard in a real rock band. Our students often become great friends, and you’ll love jamming at a high level and practicing original music.

For more information about our band program at Soundcheck, please get in touch! We’d love to speak with you and find the right band for you.

Start Taking Piano Lessons in Ellicott City, MD Today

Many of our students live in Ellicott City, and we would welcome you to the thriving musical community at Soundcheck Rock Academy. When you contact us, we’ll discuss your goals, your experience level, and your preference for either traditional private piano lessons or enrollment in our rock band program. Get in touch at your earliest convenience, and we’ll find time for a trial lesson.


Currently accepting new students for in studio and virtual lessons and bands!

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