Beatlesque 5-9 Y.O. - Soundcheck Rock Academy
Your kids will experience one of life’s ultimate thrills: playing in a live band!

Beatlesque 5-9 Y.O.

BAND CLASSES FOR KIDS age 5-9 with no musical lesson experience in Columbia, MD

Our  exclusive kids program is Beatlesque is just like the our Headliners program, it is intended to give very beginner students that have never had music lessons or very little experience the feeling of joining a band. This program  will teach the youngest kids between the ages of 5 and 9 to play Beatles songs in a real rock band. From the first day they join, it will be their own rock band. No at home practice and ownership of a musical instrument is optional. Your little guys will rehearse, write, and play concerts in this amazing program. They will develope their love of music from the very beginning. Click the register here to fill out some information so that we can discuss your child and this special program designed to make them love playing music and a real concert.

All of these programs are designed to take the love of playing and learning music to the next level. Call us today to enroll in these programs.

Learn a new language – Music!
Memorization Skills
Refines listening skills
Helps develop better eye and hand coordination
Teaches you to multi-task
Time management and organizational skills
Discipline and perseverance
Boosts self-esteem
Provides opportunities to stretch
Improves comprehension skills
Expands your knowledge of musical styles, genres and music history
Develops social skills
Teaches to be a performer