Rock Band Programs - Columbia, MD -Soundcheck Rock Academy
Play in a real rock band and perform on stage at major music venues!

Headliners Experience

Our performance rock band classes in Columbia, MD are where all the hard work and dedication pays off. The Soundcheck Rock Academy live band program offers kids and teens in Howard County an opportunity to play in a real rock band and perform on a regular basis!

Every 12 weeks, students play concerts, and play them well! Our students are given a chance to perform at some of the best local music venues in Columbia, MD – you get to play on the same stage as nationally touring bands, and feel what it’s like to play in front of 200+ people, with professional sound and lights.

Bands are formed around age and ability.  The rehearsals are 1 hour each week and you can join a total of three separate bands.

You’re never too young to rock! All kids love music but not all love music lessons! Our music lessons in Columbia, MD allow students to take their love of playing and creating music to the next level.

Find out more about these two special nationally acclaimed programs for beginner rockers which we offer students that have never joined a band:

Beatlesque: For ages 4-7, this rock band class will teach your little ones how to play and write their own music and be in their very own rock band!

The benefits of our rock band classes