Sign Up for Summer Camp - Soundcheck Rock Academy
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Sign Up for Summer Camp

How to Sign UP

It’s super easy. Just follow these directions.

1. Please click on a “week” below each week is in blue!
2. It will take you to a registration page.
3. It will ask you to pick Adult Student or Family. Pick Family. Fill the forms out.
If you have more than one student add that student know.
3. Click “save and next”.
4. Click the little box. Click agree!
5. Add your credit card number. After you hit finish. Your card should be charged and an email will be sent        to you! We will be in touch to confirm everything.

Camp Dates

Week #1 is June 29th-July 3rd
Week #2 is July 13th-July 17th   This is a girls’ rock week!
Week #3 is July 27th-July 31st
Week #4 is August 10th-14th
Week #5 is August 17th-21st