Helping Everyone in the Community, learn how to rock!

Here are some upcoming events! Our instructors will be performing!





Mike Solan: Saturday April 18th @7PM:



Kipyn Martin: Sunday April 11th @ 7PM:


Soundcheck Rock Academy is a tribe of like-minded individuals. The Red Branch Music Fund is where these funds and musical instruments will be donated.  And with that comes the ability for the school to help those less fortunate, find their way into music. The next Jimi Hendrix, Neil Pert,  Jimi Paige, Lenny Kravitz could be out there and without the ability to find musical instruments or music instruction they will never be heard.

Your donations of music instruments (all brass, drums, guitars, amps, pedals, bass, pianos and anything else) we be accepted. We will not move or pick up any equipment. just drop them off during business hours. Between 2-9. We will then donate these instruments to kids in need.

Monetary donations are also accepted and will go into a general scholarship fund for and at the school. We are currently working on our 501(c)(3). And will soon be able to offer a tax deduction with the donation of musical instrument or monetary donations.

In return we will recognize your good deed by framing your name or company name at our school for the general public to see. We will also add a company logo or your name under this paragraph.

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