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From Joshua Bell to Sarah Chang to Lindsey Stirling. We can help!

Violin lessons in Columbia MD

“Opening Act”

Violin Lessons in Columbia MD


Learn how to play the violin and strings like From Joshua Bell to Sarah Chang to Lindsey Stirling.   Soundcheck Rock Academy Violin lessons in Columbia MD, Ellicott City MD, and Howard County MD are for students of all ages and abilities. From beginner to advanced and young to old.  The OPENING ACT LESSON EXPERIENCE is where students learn technique, theory and all around musicianship in an inspiring musical atmosphere. At Soundcheck Rock Academy we teach all students from beginners to advanced level. Lessons Consist of 30, 45 and 60 minute and occur once a week. Start taking your violin and strings lessons at Soundcheck Rock Academy in Columbia today! After a short period of time and a bit of experience you may want to give our band options a try we have several to choose from.  We have our beginner band option Beatlesque Beginner Band Experience or our Headliners Experience! Both are great and will get you playing with friends in rehearsals at our studio in Columbia MD.

Included in the Soundcheck Rock Academy monthly tuition is a weekly lesson, and access to our music studio during normal business hours. Access to all of our Academy Performances, open mic nights, and one-off shows throughout the year. Discounts to all musical accessories.  Discounts to our music workshops, guest speakers, and one-off music lessons held throughout the year.

We are here for you and your child’s musical journey and we strive to be a safe and friendly place where you and your child can meet families that share in your vision.  

Covid-19 Update!


We are currently open for in-studio lessons or you can enjoy our one-on-one live virtual lessons. 

We can also accommodate a hybrid model of both in-studio and virtual one-on-one lessons.

You choose. It is fully up to you and the safety of your family.

Our Philosophy and Violin Lessons in Columbia MD

The goal of our music school is to create a fun, inviting, and creative atmosphere that can help students create and learn with the help of our whole studio and performance based approach. We want students to learn from each other and our instructors. Learning life skills as they progress towards adulthood and beyond.  We build the love of music and exploration, and with this approach the world of music will open. 

Professional Violin and Strings Music Instructors

The staff at Soundcheck Rock Academy in Columbia, MD not only includes active performers, but professional songwriters and session musicians as well. With international artists that have performed as far away as Mexico, Canada, India, Germany, and Europe.

 Your Instructors are real professional musicians with real life experience in local and national touring bands. Some also have music and music education degrees. They take their talents and give back to the community. These musicians are here to help you. They are able to take some of the difficulty of learning to play an instrument, play in a band, and are here to guide you to becoming a well rounded musician. They love it. And you inspire them as much as they inspire you.